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Bhutan's Secrets Awaits


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Saidpiece Travelers evolved from a Bhutan-centric blog in 2022 to a travel agency in 2024, driven by a deep connection to Bhutan and a desire to share its culture and beauty. Our mission is to offer immersive, authentic experiences "To Bhutan, with a Bhutanese," going beyond typical tours to deeply engage with Bhutan's essence. We're excited to introduce tour packages that offer a genuine dive into Bhutan's heart, aiming to create a global community that appreciates and shares Bhutan's wonders.


With Saidpiece Travelers, we invite you to experience Bhutan's magic firsthand, embarking on a journey that's enriching and transformative.

"I really enjoyed my trip to Bhutan! I felt like the destinations were very authentic yet they were safe and weren't hard to reach! The accommodation was clean, comfortable and yet affordable as well! I give my 5 stars to you guys!"

Beam Jiaravanon Muangsook

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Remarkable experiences to inspire your spirit!

Why us?

Travel with Heart through Bhutan with Saidpiece Travelers. Our tours delve deep into the essence of Bhutan, connecting you with its culture, spirituality, and people. Beyond exploring, you're contributing to local prosperity and preserving Bhutan's heritage. Experience a journey that's impactful, enriching, and authentically Bhutanese.

Our Team

Meet the team - Bhutanese enthusiasts dedicated to sharing our homeland's beauty and culture. With deep roots in Bhutanese traditions and a commitment to hospitality, we craft unforgettable journeys that reflect our passion for sustainability and responsible tourism.

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