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To Bhutan, with Bhutanese

Saidpiece Travelers started as a humble blog in 2023, focusing exclusively on Bhutan. Created as a platform for writers to share articles about Bhutan and update on local news, it served as a bridge for me to reconnect with my homeland after being away for a decade. This project was more than just a blog; it was a personal journey back to my roots and an invitation for the world to explore Bhutan alongside me.

In 2024, this vision expanded into Saidpiece Travelers, a travel agency with a clear purpose: to connect the world to Bhutan in the most authentic way possible. With a focus on 'to Bhutan, with a Bhutanese,' we aim to offer a window into the heart of Bhutanese culture, tradition, and natural beauty.

As a newly established agency, we're excited to offer tour packages that do more than just visit Bhutan; they immerse you in the essence of our country. Our goal is to build a community where people from all corners of the globe can share and learn about the wonders of Bhutan, making the experience of discovering Bhutan as enriching for you as it has been for me.

With Saidpiece Travelers, we're not just sharing Bhutan through stories and articles anymore; we're opening the door for you to experience it firsthand. Join us in this journey to discover the hidden treasures of Bhutan.

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