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Bhutan National Day Cottage and Small Industry and Food Fair 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The fair which was held at the Centenary Park, Thimphu commenced on 10th of December and continued till 17th of December to mark the 115th National Day of Bhutan.


The fair consisted of three amazing corners, starting from the De-Suung Skilling Programme, situated on the left from the entrance gate. In the centre was the entertainment ground showcasing various food stalls, and Cottage and Small Industry Fair. At the end it was the  corner with an inflatable bouncy castle along with fun face painting for all age groups.


De-Suung Skilling program.

In the De-Suung Skilling program, there were around eight booths displaying the products made by the De-Suung. The first booth displayed Bladesmith, second floral designing, pottery, aromatic essences, wood carving, bamboo bicycle, nail spa and a nomad tent, where people could wear the highlanders costume and take pictures.


Retail and Entertainment.

Cottage and Small Industry (CSI), different stalls were put up displaying the products made from the particular region mainly to promote locally made products, for instance, handicraft, textile, food, and many more.

Food stalls were also put up serving varieties of foods from different regions.

Live music performances and an open movie theatre were set up to entertain the crowd. The entertainment centre was the most crowded place, as most of the people mainly came there to either watch the latest screened movies or the music performance by the famous young artists.


Free health check-ups, Biometric registrations, One stop Business Information were also put up for the convenience of the public.

Kids Zone.

The last corner was for the kids to enjoy playing in the inflatable bouncy castle and painting their faces with their desired design.

Due to the pandemic, people were not able to celebrate such events for the last two years. Finally, at the most awaited event people were seen enjoying every part of the fair, appreciating the expertise of the Bhutanese people. It is a good initiative for the Bhutanese entrepreneurs and cottage industry to continue and advance their businesses.

Such events should be organised to encourage the existing and upcoming small businesses.


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