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Empowering Minds and Nurturing Traditions: Norbu Rigter College in Bhutan

Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of Bhutan, Norbu Rigter College stands as a beacon of academic excellence and cultural preservation. This institution, situated at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, not only offers a comprehensive education but also serves as a guardian of Bhutanese heritage.

With a commitment to fostering holistic development, Norbu Rigter College is redefining education in Bhutan. The college's rigorous academic programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's dynamic world, while also instilling a deep sense of respect for the country's rich cultural heritage.

The campus itself is a harmonious blend of modern infrastructure and Bhutanese architectural influences. Majestic dzong-like buildings stand as a testament to the college's dedication to preserving the nation's cultural identity. Lush gardens and tranquil courtyards provide spaces for students to reflect, connect, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

What truly sets Norbu Rigter College apart is its commitment to community engagement. The college frequently organizes cultural events, workshops, and seminars that celebrate Bhutanese art, music, and tradition. Students are encouraged to actively participate, ensuring that these invaluable aspects of Bhutanese identity continue to flourish.

Programme Eligibility

BBA and BCom: Class XII pass with a minimum of 40% in Math's/Business Math's and Dzongkha for all streams.

BA in English and Dzongkha: Class XII pass with a minimum of 50% in English and 50% in Dzongkha.

BA in Political Science and Sociology: Class XII pass with a minimum of 50% in English and pass in Dzongkha and 50% aggregate of four best subjects.

BA in Development Studies: Class XII pass with a minimum of 50% in English.

BA in English: Class XII pass with a minimum of 55% in English and pass in Dzongkha.

How to Apply?

Online Application Part one: For those who had not registered

  1. Visit and register online (even from your smartphone).

  2. The Admission Team will verify if you meet the entry requirements.

  3. You will receive a response within two working days.

Part two: For those eligible for admission

  1. Visit, fill the form and submit online.

  2. Deposit your Nu. 25,000 admission confirmation fee which is non-refundable in the NRC account in the nearest bank. Write full name of Student as depositor for verification. This is to confirm your admission.

  3. Account details are: Norbuling Rigter College, (BNB A/c No. 0100053850001, BOB A/c No. 201001110).

  4. Send a scanned or photographed copy of the deposit slip.

  5. Your admission will be confirmed only on making the required payment.

  6. For any queries call: 08-271313 or Mobile: 77766506/17363549/17730477

Application Check List

  • Copy of Class XII Certificate and Mark Sheet (original will be verified at the time of reporting).

  • Copy of CID or for those without CID send a letter received from Immigration/Census & Civil Registration (original will be verified).

  • Two recent Passport photographs (May be submitted at the time of reporting).

  • Copy of Deposit slip of payments made to College OR print out of online deposit message (Original to be submitted at the time of reporting).

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