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Mother Made Goods

Mother Made Goods is a business established in 2020 and is located at Paga, Chapcha in Chhukha District, which is owned by a young high school graduate called Tshering Om. Initially, she started the business by selling homemade snacks in her locality. Still, her interest shifted to mushroom cultivation after attending the training on mushroom cultivation conducted under the supervision of the Economic Development Officer (EDO) and Jangchubshing Mushroom Farming Institute in Chhukha.

Tshering Om is also a member of Entrepreneurs of Chhukha (EoC).

In the beginning of this year, with support from Chhukha Dzongkhag Economic Development, she started her own mushroom farm at Paga village in Chhukha District, cultivating Oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms which are grown from her farms are sold under the brand name “Mother Made Goods”.

The business also participated in the recent Cottage and Small Industry CSI fair held at Coronation Park during the Bhutan National Day week fair. Many people were seen coming to her stall asking about the different types of mushrooms, which were displayed.

Mother Made Goods stall at CSI fair.

Currently, there are no staff working with her but she hires temporarily when needed.

There is only oyster mushroom that she has cultivated on the farm and she is trying to grow Shiitake mushrooms in straw dust this year. Currently, she has sold her mushroom in six districts and planning to export the mushrooms in 2023.

Black Oyster mushroom cultivation.

Tshering is going to employ two helpers from January to increase production. She is going to add mushroom cookies, candy, and soup to her brand from January 2023. She is also planning to open “Mushroom café and restaurant” at Paga which is two kilometers from Chunzom towards Phuntsholing highway.

It is inspiring to see young Bhutanese starting up these kinds of businesses and giving the opportunity to other people to work together by sharing new knowledge and interest. Such businesses should be supported and encouraged by giving training or seminars, to expand their business internationally.

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