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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

What is Samuh?

Samuh is somewhat like the Bhutanese version of Netflix. It is a video streaming platform that provides its services to people within and outside of Bhutan. It offers a large selection of original, licensed, and curated Bhutanese content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection.

What does it include?

By producing top-notch local productions for audiences of all ages in Bhutan as well as for specialized overseas audiences who have a deep interest in Bhutan, Samuh promotes the creation of local content and the preservation of Bhutan's distinctive customs and culture. The product line of Samuh has entertainment and informational content from a variety of industries, including original movies, web series, documentaries, music videos, shows, and kid-friendly animation. The company collaborates with a diverse group of artists in Bhutan's creative sector to produce films and shows.

Who owns Samuh and when was it found?

Samuh Mediatech, Bhutan's first media-tech startup that helped pioneer Bhutanese video streaming services on the local and global digital market, owns the Samuh OTT platform, which was founded in 2020.

The company’s mission and vision:

The team envisions to become Bhutan's leading local content producer and distributor through the production and promotion of high-calibre local content and the growth of the nation's creative industries. It also seeks to provide viewers of all age groups with modern streaming services that are easily accessible on any device with internet and video playback facilities.

Furthermore, they seek to support local filmmakers by extending access to a cutting-edge distribution infrastructure and enabling the best possible monetization of their creative assets. Additionally, they look forward to promoting and advancing Bhutan's film industry through employment and skill-building initiatives in the platform along with allocating 10% of annual revenues to finance Bhutan's Independent cinematic industries.

Top 8 trending shows on Samuh:

1. Zap

Picture courtesy: Samuh

“Zap” is a drama series set in medieval Bhutan. The story revolves around a young woman who is taken as a serf by a legendary megalomaniac. She has to endure the hardships of servitude to restore her proper place in the world. You can watch the full 10 episodes on the Samuh app.

2. Autumn in Yangtse

Picture courtesy: Samuh

“Autumn in Yangtse” follows the story of an architect who meets a charming butterfly enthusiast in Yangtse and falls in love with him. All full 12 episodes are available on Samuh.

3. Deki Sedey seymi ga Mo?

Picture courtesy: Samuh

(Translates to “Who is Deki Sedey?”)

The plot of 10 episode thriller series encircles the mystery of a dead body found in a forest along with moments of bitter past of a police officer and a news reporter who are investigating the murder case.

4. Chasing Stars

Picture courtesy: Samuh

The 11 episodes romance series is about two individuals with separate dreams who fall in love.

5. Goedra Bey Yi

Picture courtesy: Samuh

Goedra Bey Yi which translates to “I’m joking” is the first sketch comedy show in Bhutan that gives insights into Bhutanese humour through witty and clever yet crazy skits.

6. Orchid bar

Picture courtesy: Samuh

The orchid bar is a romance series about a young single mother who encounters a carefree, easy-going lawyer after a painful divorce.

7. Dessup Mapaem

Picture courtesy: Samuh

Is a movie about an overweight girl who joins the dessup training program (voluntary act in Bhutan) and discovers a new purpose in life.

8. Jarawa

Picture courtesy: Samuh

The 12-episode thriller series explores the undercover mission of a young policewoman for human trafficking cases.

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