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The History of Jabdo Goenpa

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Terton Pema Lingpa constructed Jabdo Goenpa, which is also where he recited. Jabdo Goenpa is located in Paro, Shaba Gewog, Gangri Tilik Chiwog.

Photograph by Bhutan mind vacation


Such a background does not exist for Jabdo Goenpa. Guru Rinpoche's statue is the major one. The statue was taken from Jabdo Goenpa at Paro Dzong, but it was later put back where it had been. He or she must go to the Goenpa and worship if they are Jabdo Goenpa's descendants each year.

The great-grandparents accepted to send the main statue to Paro Dzong when they were asked to bring it from Jabdo Goenpa. Even 13 to 15 people were unable to lift the Guru Rinpoche statue that was scaled to human size. The group of individuals moved the statue to Paro Dzong by using all of their power. The statue was facing the wrong direction when the Dzong caretaker went to offer water.

The group of individuals moved the statue to Paro Dzong by using all of their power. The statue was facing Shaba Valley when the Dzong caretaker arrived to offer water. Before leaving, he turned the statue. When he returned in the evening, he once again noticed the statue facing Shaba. He became angry and kept the statue in Paro Dzong hidden behind a ladder. He informed the lama and Phajo Tenzin and the people of Jabdo Goenpa were called to take back the statue. When they were walking through the steps in Paro Dzong, they asked where the statue of Guru Rinpoche is kept, and right after the question, Guru Rinpoche’s voice came from behind them, stating that he was there at the back of the ladder. For the first time, Guru Rinpoche’s statue talked. When the statue was taken back to Jabdo Goenpa, a man could easily carry the statue back, but the statue was not able to be picked up by 13 to 15 people while being taken to Paro Dzong. This shows that the statue is distained to be in Jabdo Goenpa.

Jabdo Goenpa's interior design

Jabdo Goenpa is not a monastery or lhakang, as we might anticipate. It's perched atop a cliff. It has a gentle slope up front and a steep cliff in back. There are two rooms as soon as we walk through Goenpa's front door. The Goenpa is painted white and has a red roof. Old monuments, weapons, and clothing are in the second room, while the nuns and caretaker use the first. It resembles a tiny historical museum. The primary statues, one pillar, statue of Rinpoche, and statues of gods are all located on the upper floor. Decedents or linages of the Jabdo goenpa are necessary to worship the deity annually at a statue on the left side of the room.

The fascinating history and interior design of Jabdo Goenpa offer a unique glimpse into Bhutanese culture and spirituality. The story of Guru Rinpoche's statue, which spoke for the first time during its return to the monastery, is a powerful testament to the spiritual significance of the site. The simple yet elegant interior design, with its focus on the primary statues and annual worship rituals, creates an immersive and engaging atmosphere for visitors to connect with the traditions of Jabdo Goenpa. Perched atop a cliff with breathtaking views, the Goenpa's location adds to its allure as a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.

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