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The Legend Of Nyala Duem

On your journey towards central Bhutan, you'll encounter Nyalalum, a vast forest. Legends recount the presence of an evil demoness named Nyala Duem in this forest, who was the eldest among seven sisters. Among the siblings, Nyala Duem stood out as the most malevolent, wielding a range of magical tricks. On occasion, she would transform into an enchanting young woman and prey upon travelers.

Hunted place in Bhutan

The annals of a 15th-century saint named Drukpa Kuenley mention his travels in eastern Bhutan. Approaching Trongsa, he chose not to proceed, citing his refusal to venture where three 'bji' converge. These three places—Rukubji, Chendebji, and Tangsibji—were controlled by Nyala Duem and her sisters, known for their eerie influence.

Allow me to narrate an episode of Garp Lungi Khorlo, the "wheel of wind." This figure served as a messenger for Trongsa's ruler, often journeying to Punakha. Garp Lungi Khorlo's rapid cross-country trips garnered praise, but on his third voyage to Punakha, his mood was somber, and his pace sluggish.

In the wild landscapes of Trongsa, Nyala Duem stealthily sapped Garp Lungi Khorlo's life force. Disguised as a young nomadic girl, she appeared by a creek, engaging in disturbing activities. Garp accused her of possessing his organs, leading to his illness and subsequent demise. This location remains one of Bhutan's most feared haunted sites.

Presently, the path to Trongsa sees an influx of tourists due to numerous attractions. Guides are available to lead you through the haunted sites, recounting their unsettling history. For a less eerie experience, these sites are recommended to be explored during daylight hours. Locals believe that traversing the dense forest at night could result in encounters with supernatural entities.

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