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Tiktok in Bhutan

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Tiktok has become very popular among young people in Bhutan. Although the video-creating and sharing app was launched as Douyin in 2016 for mainland China, the international version of it was launched in 2017. There was less number of users in Bhutan back then. However, after the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, almost everyone was locked in their homes with no movements allowed. Out of sheer boredom, people began to be more active on their mobile phones and the internet. This is when the popularity of Tiktok in Bhutan peaked. People used the app to express their feelings and share their creative ideas and those who did not want to be seen simply used the app to watch videos for entertainment purposes.

There are different types of Bhutanese Tiktokers and influencers who make videos in different genres.

1. The funny content makers:

Some TikTok accounts choose to remain anonymous and only post funny scenes from old Bhutanese movies while others choose to reveal their faces and identities and create original content or just make hilarious re-enactments from movies and dialogues.


Sangay Chophel is a Bhutanese YouTuber/Tiktok influencer. He currently has 64.8K followers who enjoy his skits and dubs on the app.


2. The Dancers:

Out of the three categories of general Bhutanese music/dance forms such as Zhungdra, Boedra, and Rigsar, the most popular one happens to be Rigsar which is the modern form. The two remaining ones are more traditional. Many young teenagers and adults are seen making dance covers and following the trends on Tiktok using Bhutanese songs. They also follow international trends to create and share content.

Mepham Dolma is a Tiktok Dancer who has 25.4K followers. She also creates random videos of her lip-syncing to songs on her account.


3. The Actors:

People showcase their acting talents on the platform through skits and lip-syncing videos.

Adap Rigzin Lhamo is a Youtube Vlogger/ Tiktoker who enjoys expressing herself through her acting skills. She currently has about 55.0K followers on Tiktok and 3.59K Subscribers on Youtube.


4. A slice of life from Bhutanese living outside:

The locals residing in the country seem to enjoy watching the lifestyle of Bhutanese people who live abroad. Despite being outside of Bhutan, people still embrace their roots and culture as they share their experiences and stories on Tiktok.

Lucky Drukpa is a Tiktoker who lives in the United States of America. He lives with his wife and shares his life in New York City.


There is another popular Tiktoker named Pema Yeshi who lives in Sweden with his wife and two daughters. Pema used to work as a Tour guide in Bhutan before he met his Swedish wife and moved to Sweden.

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