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Ka Ja Throm, Thimphu

Ka Ja Throm is a newly opened Local Bhutanese market, which was initiated by the Royal Command to create a new environment for the farm produce sellers, which would encourage people to do more farm-related businesses and earn a decent day-to-day living.

It is considered a special project by the De-suungs, who worked ardently day and night, ultimately benefiting the people.

Ka Ja means Command and Throm means Market.

The New Market was established, as the ground floor of the old CFC (Centenary Farmers Market) is under renovation. All the stores which were located on the ground floor were shifted to the Ka Ja Throm, which is located next to the old market by the Wangchu riverside.

It is a long-stretched market, beautifully arranged with flowers around, and a display of VAST Bhutan Arts, with food courts, which has become a favourite place for everyone.

There are varieties of fresh vegetables, incense, dairy products, fruits, flowers, and many more.

Speakers are also installed to entertain the vendor and the visitors with popular Bhutanese songs in the background.

In the food court, varieties of food and drinks are served, including ramen, ice cream, thai street noodle, etc… which are sold through stalls by the De-suung under the De-suung Skilling Programme.

The market has become everyone’s “must-visit place”, as it is unique and special for parents and children. The market is crowded most of the time, especially during the weekends, when everyone comes for their weekly shopping.

There is also an open-air Live Band stage at the food court, where upcoming famous Bhutanese young artists perform, which attracts the younger generations to visit the market.

Gaa-yel Garden is a secret garden behind the market, where there is a cafe to serve food and drinks. People can make their order and enjoy under the tree or the canopies in the area. It is a good place to relax after shopping, as the area is peaceful with a shade under the trees. If one desires to walk, there is also a footpath along the riverside, which is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Tarayana Park is next to Gaa-yel Garden, which is still under development.

The Ka Ja Throm is a meaningful initiative, firstly for the vendors, secondly for De-suung Skilling Programme, and thirdly for the public. This is because people have a choice to visit a special place during the weekends and weekdays to relax, do shopping, enjoy food and witness live performances.

There is also a Dinosaurs Park, where different types of dinosaurs are displayed with their scientific names and descriptions. Children are seen there excited, taking pictures with the dinosaurs. It is a good initiative as children will get to know about the dinosaurs as they wander around.

The second Ka Ja Throm was launched on 13th October 2022 at Paro coinciding with the 11th Royal Wedding Anniversary, as a gift from His Majesty the King to the people of Paro, especially for the vendor to sell their product as the main Farmer Market is under construction.

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